Shejun Agency for Bhutan’s Cultural Documentation and Research

"We are dedicated to preserving and passing down Bhutan's rich cultures and traditions to future generations through extensive documentation and cultural education".

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The Shejun Agency was established with the aim of preserving and passing on the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan to future generations. Shejun means knowledge (ཤེས) transmission (རྒྱུན་) in Classical Tibetan and Dzongkha. Active since 2004, Shejun presently focuses on the documentation and study of Bhutan’s written heritage and oral traditions. The organisation is located in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, and made up of a group of committed national and international scholars, field researchers and support staff. Shejun works in close collaboration with local partners such as the Department of Culture under Bhutan’s Ministry of Home and Culture and with leading international research universities such as Cambridge University and the University of Virginia.

Shejun’s logo was designed as a form of concentric word art with the syllable she (ཤེས) at its heart in order to symbolize that knowledge is the heart of human civilisation. The line flowing out of the central syllable resembles a meandering river in an auspicious clockwise direction that conveys the sense of the transmission of knowledge. In its flow, it forms the shape of a jewel and thus signifies that the flow of knowledge is a nation’s true wealth.